Signs and Designs by Mia is a “sign shop”, technically. We do make signs for any and all occasions and we do it while putting love into the banner, or die cut stickers, or monument sign ect. But, we also get to do some really sweet transformations of space. Work-space, living-space, or meeting-space. That’s what this project was all about. Here we used our products to create depth and dimension to the showroom while while also displaying the ability to manipulate and completely customize your design.

We love seeing the reactions from our clients when they see what is possible. Conversations usually start with the client having a general idea, of what they want, but nothing specific. That’s the fun part… working together to make your place look amazing and help build your brand. Conference rooms, lobby walls, hallways are great places to look at as canvases. This is underutilized space to showcase your mission statement, bring in some color and vibrance, and display your logo all at the same time.

You should love the space you live and work in. Need a some change in your space? Hit us up and talk ideas. 614-547-7555.


Wall murals are a wonderful form of signage that can be used
for commercial purposes and can even be used for residential situations as well.

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Columbus, OH – Vehicle Wraps for Restaurants

Columbus, OH – Vehicle Wraps for Restaurants

It’s always great to receive calls from local restaurants asking if we can design them a vehicle wrap. We love adding our special mix of artistry and entrepreneurial know-how to the customer’s vision. We aim to come up with a final design that turns heads. It’s...