cardinal lawnsOne of our latest sign design and installation projects took place in Hilliard, Ohio. Our client, Cardinal Lawns, contacted us because they needed a new wall-mounted sign. We created a custom 3D cast metal logo and lettering to suit their needs.

You can see the finished product in the image. Notice how eye-catching the 3D effect is. It literally makes the logo and lettering stand out! It’s a very captivating look that grabs attention immediately, and just one example of what Signs and Designs by Mia can do.

Cardinal Lawns is a company that pays attention to detail, with over 30 years of experience in providing superior customer service and lawn and tree care. This is a company that prides itself on its high quality services, and we knew that our sign design and installation had to fit in with that atmosphere. Much like Cardinal Lawns focuses on beautiful landscapes, we focused on creating a beautiful sign for the company.

Our first step was to consult with Cardinal Lawns to determine what kind of sign they were envisioning. After taking measurements and viewing the space, we determined that a custom 3/4” cast aluminum sign, with a brushed metal finish, would provide the desired look. With an approved proof, we visited the space and installed the sign, ensuring our client was completely satisfied with the result.

This was the first real sign that Cardinal Lawns has had for its company, and we were proud to be their choice for design and installation. Signs and Designs by Mia treats every project with the utmost respect and care, because we understand that having a creative, durable sign is one of the ways your business can stand out from the crowd, and be more attractive to customers. We aim to please, and one of the big benefits of working with us is our commitment to your complete satisfaction. With our great products, and our excellent customer service, you’ll find that working with Signs and Designs by Mia is beneficial in every way.

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Written by: Signs and Designs by Mia – Worthington, OH