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The sign industry is more than just the products we offer. It is also the services we provide, such as sign installation, graphic design, logo design, sign repair and maintenance, and sign permitting. Signs & Designs by Mia offers these services to better aid our clients in their marketing journey!

Sign installation covers the mounting of any sign product for our clients. This is a common service that is used, but requires sign experts who can assess space and location to opt for the best adherence of signage possible. Graphic design is more self explanatory. This service provides clients with one of a kind imaging that can be used to produce custom signage. Logo design is very similar, but with more of a focus on building the brand of a company. Signs are durable and long lasting, but do require routine maintenance for maintaining their productive appeal. We will oversee the maintenance, as well as any repairs that need to be done in order to keep your sign in the best condition possible! Lastly, we have sign permitting. This is an important service that allows our clients to remain in compliance with local laws and regulations in the signage they need for their facility. Contact us today, and we will share the benefits your company can receive from utilizing our services!

Do you have any questions about the services that we offer? Would you like to learn more about our products? Call us at (614) 547-7555, and our professional staff will get you started on your service journey!

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Columbus, OH – Vehicle Wraps for Restaurants

Columbus, OH – Vehicle Wraps for Restaurants

It’s always great to receive calls from local restaurants asking if we can design them a vehicle wrap. We love adding our special mix of artistry and entrepreneurial know-how to the customer’s vision. We aim to come up with a final design that turns heads. It’s...